уроци по български език

Bulgarian Language Courses for Foreigners

Bulgarian Language Courses for Foreigners

Excellence offers Bulgarian language courses for foreigners, from complete beginners to advanced level (Common European Framework A1– C1). Are you a foreigner that has just moved to Bulgaria? Or have you perhaps been living in the country for quite a while, but never plucked up the courage to learn the language? Wouldn’t you like to be able to do your shopping, talk to friends, family or colleagues at work, read a newspaper or watch TV – in Bulgarian? Whatever your level or reasons for wanting to learn Bulgarian, a course at Excellence will help you improve your knowledge and skills at the level that is right for you.

What will I study?

Our teaching methods help you to develop all your language skills, from speaking and writing to listening and reading, as well as build your confidence in communicating in Bulgarian in everyday life. Complete beginners will start by learning to read and write the Cyrillic alphabet, and practicing useful words and phrases for day-to-day communication. More advanced learners will be able to expand on their existing knowledge of the language, study more complex grammar and vocabulary and engage in discussions on a wide variety of topics.

How will I study?

The classes are taught by a native-speaker teacher, with a dynamic and communicative approach to teaching. We use the most recent teaching methodologies and resources, and our classrooms are equipped with SMART Interactive Whiteboard and multimedia technologies to make lessons more effective and engaging.Group sizes are limited to 8 students to ensure maximum progress and individual support.

How much will I study?

All our standard Bulgarian courses run for 12 weeks, with 2 classes of 2 academic hours per week. You will also be asked to do some independent study in the form of homework tasks.Your progress will be monitored through regular assessments and mid- and end-of-term tests. At the end of each course, all participants receive a certificate to state their language level..

Course summary:

  • Term dates: 03 January - 31 March 2017
  • Course duration: 48 academic hours (12 weeks)
  • Lessons: 2 x 90 minutes per week (not at weekends)
  • Levels: begginers - proficiency
  • Group size: max. 8 students
  • Age: 16+
  • Location: Excellence Language Learning, Sofia
  • Price: BGN 590 (including course materials)

If you would like to study Bulgarian with Excellence, please contact us and make an appointment for a level test and personal consultation with one of our teachers.

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