SMART™ Interactive Whiteboard Solutions

SMART Board 150x150The SMART™ Board is a touch-sensitive interactive whiteboard that completely transforms the way people teach, meet, train and present. It combines the simplicity of a regular whiteboard with the power of a computer so you can save and print notes, collaborate on electronic documents, share information and run multimedia materials. Whether you are addressing a classroom full of students, running a meeting with colleagues, or presenting plans to potential clients, the SMART™ board is guaranteed to engage and capture your audience.


SMART™ Product Training

SMART 150x150If your organisation has invested in SMART™ interactive whiteboard technology, you will appreciate its ease-of-use on a daily basis. To truly get the most out of SMART™ products, it is essential that end-users feel confident in using the equipment, and are aware of the wide range of features and resources that SMART™ has to offer.

Excellence delivers customised training to help new or existing SMART™ Board users achieve better results. Ranging from half-day introductory workshops to more in-depth, content creation oriented courses, we aim to optimise your use of the board by providing step-by-step training and hands-on practice.

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